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All About Anita Brooks

My personality is one part strategic and tactical, one part warm and approachable.

I’ve been told more than once that I’m in the rare 2% of people who both see the big picture potential AND identify crucial details necessary to transform imagination into reality.

A professional image consultant analyzed my style and said I’m “sporty/elegant.” It’s not a bad fit. I think this is why I felt compelled to get my certifications as a Personality Trainer, Communications Specialist, Training Facilitator, and Business/Life Coach.

(If you call me an overachiever, you aren't the first.)

I also have a habit that drove me crazy in my younger years, though I now view it as a unique gift.

I cannot turn off my insatiable appetite for recognizing the drains stealing time, energy, and money from organizations and people.

and because i like turning problems upside down, i see opportunities others often miss.

Thanks to this insight, I've discovered dozens of simple, yet massively powerful solutions to issues that drive us human beings mad.

pet peeve

My biggest

When people respond with a dismissive, disengaged, or rushed “I know” to something that could improve their professional or personal situation, my radar goes up. I go into challenge mode.

If you tell me, “I know,” prepare to hear, “What are you doing with what you know?” Wisdom is knowledge acted on—lack of application and action could cost us everything.

my fav 5

Something pretty unique about me (sadly, in today’s culture), I live by the modernization of an ancient proverb. “It’s better not to make a promise than to make one and break it” compels me to live as a woman of my word.

It’s a non-negotiable, and whether I use the word promise or not, if I tell you I’m going to do something, you have a reasonable expectation that I will deliver on what I said.

So, if I make you a direct or indirect promise, I give my all to see it through. If I don’t, you’d better know there was a life-altering crisis at play. I’ve certainly experienced a few.


Even in pre-school, I intuitively understood that books could unlock limitless possibility—my little toddler self used to cry because I couldn’t read. As an adult, when I decided to finally pursue my secret dream of becoming a published author, I set a goal to read 100 books on the craft and business of professional writing. Why 100? I can’t say I truly understood that number myself, but when I achieved my goal a little over 18 months later, I had the equivalent of a master’s degree on the subject.

My accomplishments as an award-winning, best selling author are directly tied to investing myself into reading those books. Today, I’m still a lifelong learner who passionately reads to absorb new information I can apply and share.


“Dare to be one of the 1,” is a mantra of mine. Though you would never know it by outward appearance, fear often threatens to create paralysis of the mind before I take a stage or put words on a page. However, I adore speaking to audiences, coaching, and writing professionally. It’s an honor to inspire, educate, and motivate people to exceptional living and leadership.

At the first writer’s conference I ever attended, a professional said, “I don’t mean to disillusion you, but only about 1% of aspiring authors ever publish a book that sells.” In that moment, I had two choices: I could give up or I could resolve and work toward becoming one of the 1% who succeeded. The outcome speaks for itself. I never have to wonder, What if? I did it—I AM one of the 1!


In this area, I’m a weirdo, and I embrace it. Topics like Personality Perspectives, Invisible Drains, and Exceptional Leadership turn me on.

I devour every drop of information and observation I can when it comes to hot topics like Self-Talk, Ditch-Hopping, the 20-Minute Rule, Clear Communication, and Wing Lifting. Follow me long enough, and you’ll soon understand what I mean.


Though I’m a problem-solver by nature, I also live and teach celebrating successes. Happiness is about balance, right? What’s the point of all that striving if you don’t take a moment to breathe in your victories? 

anita brooks

"In business,
as in life and love,

it's never too late for a 


fresh start

fresh faith!"