Trading Tremors for Trauma — Releasing PTSD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Carly felt the cool solid wall behind her back. She sat as if in a chair, with only air as a seat beneath her. It took less than three minutes for the shaking to begin. Deep in her thighs, low in her calves, what started as a low burn transformed into a quake. The hurt felt good, as Carly’s muscles released weeks, months, and years of pent up hidden emotions.

Fighting to Win Your Marriage

Talk About Spouse Behind Their Back

This video is something I could almost have recorded. I had no idea my marital story was so similar to Miss Kay Robertson’s, of Duck Dynasty fame. Now there are differences between our tales — but not that many. If anyone wonders if God is still in the miracle business, especially in regard to marriage, then you will not want to miss this YouTube.