Getting Through What You Can't Get Over

What Exactly is a Personality Trainer?

The Why Behind the What

One of the most popular topics I’m asked to speak on at businesses, organizations, and team building events, is how our personalities affect our relationships. At work, at home, in life, human personality feeds the why behind what we do. With awareness, we can allow our personalities to further peace, productivity, play, and profitability. Sticking our heads in the sand about who we really are will steal the best things in life away.

What Would Make You Consider Suicide? Part 3

A Rainbow is a Promise

Sometimes faith comes from strange places — a seed planted in a dark valley, covered by the soil of adversity, smothered by scoops of fertilizer and douses of flood, wiggling and writhing, pushing and panting, until one day, a sprout breaks through. It pokes its delicate head cautiously from the deep, and surprises itself as it realizes there is light.